FLEXXALUMINA® Printed Circuit Boards
combine the excellent thermal and electrical characteristics of aluminum with proven base board materials to manufacture high performance and low weight PCBs at the lowest possible cost.

Mass Production of FLEXXALUMINA® Circuit Boards (PCB/FPC)

We work fabless and manufacture your circuit boards (PCBs and FPCs) on large-scale production lines at our manufacturing partners.

Our FLEXXAL® process removes the oxide layer from the aluminum conductor tracks and deposits a tin-nickel layer with perfect intermetallic bonding on the aluminum substrate.

The FLEXXAL® layer corresponds to LF-HAL surfaces, is directly solderable with standard solder paste formulations and is corrosion-resistant.

FLEXXALUMINA® circuit boards can be processed like conventional copper-based circuit boards. No changes to the processing are necessary.

  • Conductor material: aluminum (55µm, 100µm)
  • Base materials: CEM1, CEM3, IMS (1.0mm, 1.6mm), PET, PI, PC
  • Solder masks: Taiyo, Fujita, other manufacturers on request

Review & Prototyping

The quality and reproducibility of printed circuit boards is decisively influenced by the layout and the combination of materials.

We check your layout draft for conformity with the FLEXXAL® process. If necessary, we propose design changes to ensure optimal manufacturing quality. We then create small-batch prototypes to help you validate your product concept.

Customized Design

We are ready for your challenge. You have a layout, we irealize it.

  • LED lighting
  • Flexible Flat Ribbon Cables (FFCs)
  • battery cell connector
  • IoT inlays with sensors and electronic components

or other PCB applications where cost and assembly weight are critical.

Research & Development

We develop and optimize your manufacturing technology and material combinations for electronic applications.

Our expertise

  • Plasma Metallization
  • Surface Functionalization
  • Digital Direct Metallization
  • Plasma Activation Systems
  • Production Equipment


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