Customization of Your Production Parameters

When developing new production parameters, our engineers and scientists work closely with the customer. We can use the laboratory and technical center infrastructure of our partners, Medicoat AG (CH) and Inocon Technologie GmbH (AT), to develop new material systems and surface processes under real production conditions.

We specialize in the following processes:

  • Digital Direct Metallization
  • Laser structuring
  • Aluminum structuring
  • LPI Solder Mask
  • PTH Via metallization
  • Screen printing/varnishing
  • SMT

Analytical Services

Our laboratory with the Medicoat (CH) company is certified according to ISO 13485 and our employees specialize in coating qualification and trial coatings.

We can offer you the following services:

  • Determination of tensile adhesive strength according to ASTM 1147, DIN EN 582, ISO 13779-4
  • Determination of shear strength according to ASTM F 1044
  • Micrograph analysis to determine the coating thickness according to ASTM F 1854
  • Measurement of abrasion resistance (Taber abraser) according to ASTM F 1978
  • Powder and coating analysis using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with an X-Ray diffractometer


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